Musical Enrichment

Students will not only hone their chamber music skills, but will also receive coaching in solo performance, music theory, music history!

The Vivace Experience!

Enrollment begins January 1, 2018 and ends June 15, 2018.  

Registration during this time period is advised to avoid the late fee of $25 per student.   A non-refudable registration fee of $25 must be included with each family's application.​

Registration Fee

$600 - One Week

Summer Camp 2018

July 23-27, 2018

Camp days are from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Students are required to enroll for all camp days.

Prerequisites and Requirements: 

Although there are no playing level requirements, all campers must be currently studying with a private teacher.  

Placement: VMI will use placement recordings to determine placement of students in proper chamber music ensembles.  After the application deadline, students will be mailed a packet including important camp information and the music for their ensemble class.  Students are expected to learn the ensemble music with their private teacher, before attending camp.

Placement recordings may be submitted by mail with the registration form or digitally by email to 

Sibling discount:  Discounts for siblings are available at the following rates: 

2 Campers: $1,000

Scholarship: Scholarships are available at the discretion of the directors of VMI.  Please contact by email if your camper requires scholarship aid in order to attend camp

Cancellation Policy: A 50% refund for camp tuition will be given for cancellations before July 19th.  After July 19 there will be no refunds of camp tuition.  Cancellations after May 31 due to special circumstances will be subject to review.

2016 Summer Camp Enrollemnt

Once a student is enrolled, a packet including a camp schedule, code of conduct, and the music for ensemble performance will be mailed.  

Students are expected to learn the music for their solo and ensemble performance, with their private teacher, before attending camp.

Why Chamber Music?

We believe that involving young musicians in chamber music provides another venue for them to grow in their creativity and is fundamental to their musical development.

mission & vision

Our goal is to inspire musical growth in young musicians through community, exploration and performance.

Developing relationships with other young musicians is vital to every child's musical success and enjoyment!

Afternoon Drumming
The drum circle teaches young musicians to carry steady rhythm while working in a team to share new rhythmic ideas!

Professional Coaching
All coaches and instructors are experienced performers and teachers. Students receive coaching from multiple instructors for a well-rounded experience.

Movement and Music
This special course is taught by a world-renowned yoga and physical therapist.  She instructs the young musicians in proper posture and pre/post practice exercises and stretches for ideal physical strength.

Vivace Music Institute

of San Diego